Dear Friends,

We are happy to welcome you to the Energomashcomplect Company website.

Energomashcomplect is a trading name which brings together a group of companies that have been manufacturing and supplying valves since 1991.

Since it was established, our top priority has been to be the best company on the market. Today, Energomashcomplect has rightfully achieved this leading position in the industry. We supply enterprises with the most modern equipment and use the latest production technologies. We are constantly extending the range of available products and developing new markets. We have worked extremely hard to become a trusted and reliable supplier to our customers and deliver all our orders promptly.

Here on our website we want to tell you about the company, its strategic aims and priorities and inform you about our most recent achievements. Being one of the major pipeline equipment market players, we look forward to making this website become a valuable resource that will keep you informed about all aspects of the valve industry and the major role that pipeline valves play in modern life.

We hope that after visiting our website you will have more detailed knowledge about the Energomashkomplekt Company.

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