Energomashcomplect is a member of the Scientific and Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA).

The Scientific and Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) incorporates more than 60 main design companies, pipeline valve and actuator manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The NPAA was founded in 1990 and then became a member of the European Committee for the Valve Industry (CEIR) and the Technical Committee, TC 259 Pipeline Valves and Bellows.

NPAA activities:

  • Coordination of valve manufacturers’ activity and protection of their interests within state authorities.
  • Organization of technical regulation in the valve industry.
  • Marketing and economic analysis of the valve industry.
  • Preventive actions against counterfeit valves and actuators.
  • Holding seminars and conferences.
  • Organization and participation in exhibitions.


Since its establishment, the NPAA has gained international recognition for becoming a member of the European Committee for the Valve Industry (CEIR) in 1993. As a result, we obtain access to information about the valve and actuator markets of Europe and the USA. The information also includes statistics, economic reviews of European countries and participation in the CEIR. Other information relates to the activities of the Product and Technical Committees and Commissions. The NPAA cooperates closely with CEN, ISO, CENCER, ORGALIME and others. The NPAA has a strong relationship with the CEIR General Secretariat and the national valve manufacturers’ associations. It participates in the CEIR annual congresses. Since its foundation, the number of NPAA members has increased fourfold. Annually, about 7 new member companies join the Association.

For more information visit the web-site: http://www.npa-arm.org


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