Energomashcomplect is a trading name which brings together a group of companies that have been manufacturing and supplying valves since 1991.

Energomashcomplect is among the largest companies in the industry, engaged in a pipeline valves and other industrial equipment. Our clients include over 500 of the largest fuel and energy companies. These include utilities, metallurgy, nuclear, chemical, pulp and paper, and the oil and gas industry.

Energomashcomplect has close ties with and works closely with most of the Russian valve manufacturers.

We have a wide variety of products in stock at our warehouses. Our extensive range of supplies excluding valves includes:

  • Bearings
  • Tubing
  • Cables and wires
  • Metering devices
  • Plumbing products
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • Compressors
  • Electric motors
  • Electrical equipment
  • Lifting equipment
  • Other industrial equipment


The total area of the warehouse is more than 16 hectares. Our clients goods are delivered free of charge.

We have a wide network of branches in Central Russia which solves all aspects of distribution.

Our main characteristics are quality, efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and professionalism. Our aim is to complete all clients’ requests. We treat all of our customers as individuals. We are approachable and are open to negotiating discounts on large orders. We endeavour to deliver at convenient times, which makes working with us rewarding and stress-free.

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